What are the mattresses to stay cooler at night?

April 10, 2019

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If you’re looking for a fresh mattress, the choice can only fall back on a latex mattress. But why are these mattresses considered the freshest on the market? What are their characteristics? Let’s find out together in this article. Many people suffer from heat at night, they sweat and sleep badly. Waking up in a wet and sticky mattress is a hateful thing that many people would avoid more than willingly.

Only the natural one:

Latex is a material that is present in nature, therefore natural and very breathable. This guarantees breathability of the mattress that the other materials cannot have, making you sleep more peaceful and dry. But if latex is a material that is liquid in nature, how can it become “hard”? Unfortunately, many do not know that the characteristic of breathability is not maintained if the latex is not 100% natural and is also partially synthetic.

The natural latex mattress is made up of thousands of small, precisely breathable holes, while the synthetic ones do not have the same characteristic, even if they are cheaper. These bubbles are formed during the latex hardening process which is called “vulcanization process”. So if you are looking for a fresh mattress you have to choose not only a latex mattress but 100% natural. the vulcanization process is the process that takes place by heating the latex very quickly and then freezing it immediately afterward. This process allows having some peculiar characteristics present only in latex mattresses.

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We often go to sleep in a bed in the best conditions, perhaps after a nice shower and wake up the next morning in a sweat bath that forces us to throw ourselves back under the water again. When you finally purchase a new mattress, the first question the clerk asks is “What is the coolest mattress or better the one that will make me sweat less?” Or “Among all the mattresses you sell which is the best of Water Foam, Memory Foam, and latex? ” The response of an experienced salesman who knows the matter could only be a 100% natural latex mattress.