Which mattress for a queen size bed?

April 10, 2019

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A queen-size bed, queen-size bed or queen-size bed is a bed with a width of 140 to 160 centimeters. The term queen size is a popular bed size from the USA and is the smallest standard double bed, at least with a width of 140 cm. The original queen bed measured in American inches instead of centimeters, however, has the bed dimensions 152 × 203 cm.

If the queen-size bed is equipped with a continuous mattress, the term grand lit or grand it is usually used. Queen size beds have become increasingly popular as a comfortable single bed in the past, especially among teenagers and young adults.

Which mattress for a queen size bed?

Queen size beds are either 140 × 200 or 160 × 200 cm in size. Accordingly, for mattresses exactly these bed dimensions come into question. For the queen size mattress and the possible use as a double bed, the only question is whether it should be two single mattresses or a partner mattress. A consistently made mattress does not create a crack in the middle of the bed between the mattresses. The advantage of having a queen bed system with two mattresses, however, is that the models can have different flying characteristics. On the other hand, this is not possible with a partner mattress. Explore our website to find online deals at Bestmattress-brand.org.

Queen size bed in the difference to king size

The queen size bed is a smaller size than the usual king size beds in America. A king size bed has a width of about 193 cm and a length of about 203 cm. This king size beds are about the same size. It is equivalent in terms of beds is the standard size of 200 × 200 cm for very spacious beds. This queen size beds are space-saving and still provide enough space to use as a single bed or double bed.

Queen size beds of high-quality manufacturers

Beds in queen size 140 × 200 and 160 × 200 cm have also prevailed here and are manufactured as a standard size. Bed frame, mattress and slatted base in this comfortable single bed or double bed sizes are available in our online shop from exclusive manufacturers with customer orientation and innovative strength.